The management of our society is carried out on an entirely voluntary basis with only reasonable expenses being refunded.


The society has over 80 branches across the UK, which are run by elected committees. Apart from meeting the requirements of the Charity Commission and rules governing financial matters the branches are largely self governing.

Zonal Representatives

The branches are organized into regional zones. Each group of branches elects a zonal representitive whose role is to support the the local branches in his/her zone, assist in the facilitation of zone events and attend an annual zone reps meeting, led by the vice-chairman, to share experiences and feed back to the Board of Trustees (BoT).

Ancillary Officers

Ancillary officers are appointed on an annual basis by the BoT to carry out the following roles.

    • Librarians
    • Journal Newsletter Editor
    • Associate Liaison Officer
    • Internet Liaison Officer
    • Public Liaison Officer
    • Robins Organiser
    • Seed Distributor
    • Seed Purchaser
    • Miscellaneous Sales Officer
    • Forum Moderators

National Committees

    • Shows Committee - elected by the membership - responsible for training show judges, setting the rules for shows at local and national level and organizing the quadrennial National Show.
    • Conservation Committee - chosen for their knowledge and expertise - responsible for administering our conservation grants scheme.
    • Research Committee - chosen for their knowledge and expertise - responsible for administering our research grants scheme.
    • Convention Committee - appointed by the BoT - responsible for organizing our quadrennial convention

Board Of Trustees 

The society is managed by a Board of Trustees (BoT) consisting of seven elected members, one member nominated by the shows committee and seven members appointed by the trustees to carry the following jobs:

    • Treasurer
    • Membership Secretary
    • Journal Editor
    • Bradleya Editor
    • Journal Advertising Officer
    • Marketing Officer
    • Publications Officer
    • Website & Forum Administrator
    • Journal Production Officer

The elected members are:

    • Chairman
    • Vice-chairman - responsible for zones and branches
    • Secretary
    • Three members without portfolio

The BoT carries out its work through a series of four meetings held throughout the year and by a system of electronic decision making via e-mail.