BCSS Journal 01/1984
BCSS Journal 01/1984OUT OF PRINT aa MARCH 1984 CONTENTS:
  • From the President
  • The World of Succulents
  • Some Seed Structures of the Genus Notocactus, by Radim Havlicek and Julius Matis
  • Huernia loeseneriana, by Philip E. Downs
  • Something a Little Different to Try, by Mel Roberts
  • Trophies of the Trip, by Will Tajden
  • The Inheritance of the forma rubra of Lithops optica, by David Porter
  •  Catering for the Hobbyist in the USSR, by V.I. Mrinskii
  • Maireana rohrlachii, by D.C. Speirs
  • Mammillaria goldii
  • Rebutia senilis var kesselringiana 'Rose of York' , by Brian Makin
  • In Memoriam: Jean Ginns FNCSS
  • Photo-Workshop, by Helmut Broogh
  • Curiosities (5)
  • National Show '83
  • Crassulas Worthy of Cultivation, by Bill Keen
  • Deamia testudo, by Will Tjaden
  • Face to Face
BCSS Journal 02/1984
BCSS Journal 02/1984OUT OF PRINT   JUNE 1984 CONTENTS:
  • From the President
  • Colin Partington - Life Member
  • The World of Succulents
  • A Visit to the Gritting-Teeth Flats, by Tony Brooking
  • Cacti and Succulents on Stamps, by V.J.Corbett
  • Haworthia Competition
  • Caralluma europaea (Guss.) N.E.Br. and its Type Locality: Lampedusa Island, by Mauritzio Sajeva
  • In Defence of the Genuslet, by Peter Bruyns
  • Conophytum reconditum: a Newcomer from Namaqualand, by A.R.Mitchell
  • Freezable Cacti and Succulents, by G.R.Allcock
  • Showing the Flag
  • A Sideways Look at Conservation, by Terry Smale
  • Anniversaries, by Gordon Rowley
  • Ecology of Yeasts, Fruit Flies and Cacti, by Gerald Krulik
  • Face to Face
BCSS Journal 03/1984
  • From the President
  • The World of Succulents
  • Succulent Weeds in the Home Greenhouse, by Gerald A. Krulik
  • Pachycauls, by Gordon D. Rowley
  • The Cactus House at Wisley, by Will Tjaden
  • Photo-Workshop, by Helmut Broogh
  • Brachystelma petraeum, by Philip E. Downs
  • Puzzle Picture No. 9, by Derek Tribble
  • Sterile Culture of Succulent Plants, by R.J.Starling and R. Hutson
  • Curiosities (6)
  • Leprechauns among the Lithops, by Desmond T. Cole
  • Aloe dichotoma, by Terry Smale
  • PVC Greenhouses, by G.R.Allcock
  • Harry Mann - Fellow The Beginner Cactophile, by Bill Keen
  • What is a Genuslet Anyway?, by Colin C. Walker
  • Sanseveria sp FKH 432, by D.C.Speirs
  • Echinocereus hancockii
  • Face to Face
BCSS Journal 04/1984
  • The World of Succulents
  • Obituary: Edward Jackson
  • International Garden Display
  • Orbea variegata
  • Argentina: Meandering in the Andes, by Inge Hoffman
  • Lithops: Facts, Fables, Fantasies and Fabrications, by Desmond T. Cole
  • Cremnophila nutans: a Sedum under Another Name?, by Colin C. Walker
  • Melocactus Cephalia and Fruiting of Apple Trees, by Bob Starling
  • Solution to Puzzle Picture No. 9, by Derek Tribble
  • Another View on Conservatism, by Dave Whiteley
  • The Chromosome Number of Bringhamia citrina var napaliensis: a Rare Succulent Endemic from Hawaii, by Margaret T. Johnson
  • Puzzle Picture No. 10, by Derek Tribble
  • A Fine Senecio and a Search for its Name, by Will Tjaden
  • Cactomania, by Georg A. Sydow
  • A Comment on Maireana rohrlachii, by Frances Reay
  • Face to Face