David 111 smallEducation is a primary objective and we use many ways to promote knowledge of the plants we love cultivating. There is lots of information on this website and help is available through our forum. We publish a quarterly journal packed with stimulating articles, a yearbook with more scientific papers and we collaborate with experienced authors to produce books for both novices and experts. 

The Society maintains a list of speakers, who talk about growing techniques, conservation, exploration and showing.

The Society’s Branches offer opportunities for discussions with other members, plant sales and displays all of which help to encourage and develop understanding of these fascinating plant adaptations. Many Branches also have libraries for members’ use and the Society maintains electronic libraries of books, journals, presentations and reference materials. We have also developed introductory materials for younger members and teachers; see the link below.

Every two years the BCSS stages either a National Show or an International Convention. Both of these events offer unrivaled opportunities to see wonderful plants and hear cactus and succulent aficionados from around the world speaking about the plants we members enjoy growing and flowering.

We can encourage novices and challenge experts to discover more about cacti and succulents – can you resist this unique opportunity?

Link to Cool Cacti & Super Succulents