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Please Note that due to the Royal Mail losing a large consignment of seed that was only just found in time for this list, no orders will be shipped until after the Christmas Holidays while we count out the late seed.  Please order as usual but be patient.


Seed Packets

The seed list is only open to those qualifying members at the time of issuing. This list is for information only. To order seeds, please use the official seed order form which was included with your December issue of Cactus World.




Please note the spelling of species’ names may differ slightly to the packet labels. The spelling on the Seed List accompanying your Journal and also the list shown here should be the adopted spellings.

Download the seed list order form for 2017-2018 (valid for members only).


1              Acanthocalycium chionanthum BKN558

2              Acanthocalycium peitscherianum KP323

3              Acanthocalycium spec. nova KFF1176

4              Ariocarpus fissuratus var. hintonii PP352

5              Ariocarpus fissuratus var. intermedius SB503

6              Ariocarpus trigonus var. elongatus (San Antonio, Tam)

7              Arthrocereus (Setiechinopsis) mirabilis

8              Astrophytum capricorne var. crassispinum

9              Astrophytum capricorne var. minor RS81

10           Astrophytum coahuilense SB1474

11           Astrophytum myriostigma var. potosinum RS148

12           Astrophytum myriostigma var. strongylogonum MZ589

13           Astrophytum niveum (Cuatro Ciénegas, Coah)

14           Astrophytum ornatum

15           Aylostera (Rebutia) odehnalii

16           Aylostera (Rebutia) albopectinata

17           Aylostera (Rebutia) cajasensis

18           Aylostera (Rebutia) densipectinata KK849

19           Aylostera (Rebutia) donaldiana L348

20           Aylostera (Rebutia) flavistyla FR756

21           Aylostera (Rebutia) heliosa WR314

22           Aylostera (Rebutia) heliosa condorensis L401

23           Aylostera (Rebutia) margarethae WR521

24           Aylostera (Rebutia) minutissima (Condor Pass, Peru)

25           Aylostera (Rebutia) muscula var. nivosa KK1301

26           Aylostera (Rebutia) pilosa KK858

27           Aylostera (Rebutia) pulchella L346

28           Aylostera (Rebutia) sanguinea SE79

29           Aylostera (Rebutia) simoniana WR739

30           Aylostera (Rebutia) theresae KK1925

31           Aylostera (Rebutia) walteri WR784

32           Bartschella (Mammillaria) schumannii var. globosa Rep 294

33           Bolivicereus (Cleistocactus) samaipatanus LH526

34           Cereus aethiops KFF1113

35           Cereus forbesii KFF1224

36           Cereus hildmannianus PSCA16

37           Cleistocactus bruneispinus (C. baumannii) LH 555

38           Cleistocactus smaragdiflorus PEM7

39           Cleistocactus strausii

40           Copiapoa cinerascens

41           Copiapoa dealbata var. carrizalensis

42           Corryocactus brevispinus LH540

43           Coryphantha compacta L781 (Yecora El Trigo)

44           Coryphantha delaetiana SB339

45           Coryphantha guerkeana

46           Coryphantha mitchigensis PARN-2287

47           Coryphantha ottonis VZD1041

48           Coryphantha salinensis KKR319

49           Coryphantha (Escobaria) vivipara var. arizonica

50           Coryphantha (Escobaria) vivipara var. rosea (Crescent Pass, NM)

51           Coryphantha werdermannii L1164 (Los Colorados, Yuc)

52           Cumarinia odorata MK17.326

53           Cumulopuntia (Miqueliopuntia) miquelii KP888

54           Denmoza erythrocephala KP356

55           Dolichothele sphaerica L1277 (Nuevo León) (large yellow fl)

56           Echinocactus horizonthalonius (many forms)

57           Echinocactus platyacanthus KSM753

58           Echinocactus xeranthemoides BKLM1010

59           Echinocereus albispinus SB211 (Oklahoma)

60           Echinocereus apachensis (Canyon Lake, Az)

61           Echinocereus chloranthus var. cylindricus SB352 Mesa Garden

62           Echinocereus ctenoides SB1536 (Melchor Motguis, Tx)

63           Echinocereus fendleri

64           Echinocereus pectinatus var. castaneus SB553

65           Echinocereus pulchellus var. sharpii (San Roberto) (white fl)

66           Echinofoss. (Stenocactus) erectocentrus var. papyracanthus SB286 (Dr Arroyo)

67           Echinofoss. (Stenocactus) phyllacanthus var. violaciflorus SB112

68           Echinopsis aurea KBA3A

69           Echinopsis aurea dobeana JO136

70           Echinopsis aurea quinesensis R112

71           Echinopsis staffenii (sensu Frič) SE50

72           Eriosyce aurata KP711

73           Eriosyce gibbosa KBC964

74           Eriosyce recondita subsp. iquiquensis (Tarapaca, Chile)

75           Eriosyce senilis KP731

76           Escobaria (Coryphantha) bussleri

77           Escobaria (Coryphantha) delicata CM701

78           Escobaria grata MK140.430A (Melchor Múzquiz, Coah)

79           Escobaria (Coryphantha) neglecta KMR238

80           Escobaria nellieae SB423 (Brewster Co)

81           Escobaria (Acharagma) roseana MZ1187 (Cañada Ancha, Coah)

82           Escobaria (Coryphantha) vogtherriana V203

83           Ferocactus hamatacanthus BKLM1053

84           Ferocactus setispinus L1094

85           Frailea angelesiae P390 (Concordia, Entre Ríos, Arg)

86           Glandulicactus uncinatus KSM703

87           Gymnocactus saueri MZ656 (Las Antonias, Tam)

88           Gymnocactus saueri var. verduscoi MZ656 (Las Antonias, Tam)

89           Gymnocactus (Turbinicarpus) viereckii var. major L730 (Lazaro Cardenas)

90           Gymnocalycium amerhauseri LF89

91           Gymnocalycium berchtii (Los Chaňares, Arg) (grey, flat)

92           Gymnocalycium bozsingianum P205 (Chepes Viejo, Arg)

93           Gymnocalycium chubutense JPR68/154 (Puerto Madryn, Arg)

94           Gymnocalycium cordobense (Quilino, Córdoba, Arg)

95           Gymnocalycium glaucum subsp. albertovojtechii KBA57 A (Cordobita Ruta 60, La Rioja, Arg)

96           Gymnocalycium monvillei var. steinerii (Cumbre de Achala, Arg)

97           Gymnocalycium mucidum San Blas (blue-grey)

98           Gymnocalycium neuhuberi VS7 (Suyuque Nuevo, Arg)

99           Gymnocalycium prochazkianum subsp. simile f. nova KBA22 A (Cerro Horgueta, Córdoba, Arg)

100         Gymnocalycium robustum (frankianum) KBA20 (Quilino, Córdoba, Arg)

101         Gymnocalycium sibalii JPR 92-077/173 (Sierra Chica, La Pampa, Arg)

102         Gymnocalycium spegazzinii (blackish dark body) KBA32 A (Los Cerillos, alt. 2307m, Catamarca, Arg)

103         Gymnocalycium spegazzinii (downward spines) KBA47 A (Chorillos, Salta, Arg)

104         Gymnocalycium spegazzinii f. alpinum KLA67 A (Bodega Domingo Molina, Salta, Arg)

105         Gymnocalycium uruguayense MM186

106         Haageocereus limensis PSCA35

107         Haageocereus repens PSCA36

108         Helianthocereus huascha var. rubriflorus

109         Homalocephala texensis SB980 (Eddy Co, NM)

110         Krainzia (Mammillaria) guelzowiana SB1160

111         Lobivia chrysantha (Sta. Ana de Tastil, Arg)

112         Lobivia deesziana

113         Lobivia famatinensis FR459 (Sierra Famatina, La Rioja, Arg)

114         Lobivia ferox var. longispina LF128 (Humahuaca, Jujuy, 3400m, Arg)

115         Lobivia formosa var. rosarioana WR129 (Famatina)

116         Lobivia haematantha var. elongata P183 (Río Caichacui, Salta, Arg)

117         Lobivia haematantha var. viridis WR709A

118         Lobivia hertrichiana f. vilcabambae

119         Lobivia jajoiana f. buiningiana FR55 (Volcán, Jujuy, Arg)

120         Lobivia lateritia var. camataquiensis WR490

121         Lobivia pentlandii OBRN 2657

122         Lobivia schieliana var. quiabayensis WR205 (Quiabaya, Bol)

123         Lobivia winkleriana JK248 (Cieneguillas, Arg, 3500m)

124         Lophophora diffusa var. koehresii (Río Verde)

125         Maihuenia patagonica cumulata KVV1019A

126         Mammillaria bocasana (original Lau form) L1182

127         Mammillaria bocasana f. rubriflora

128         Mammillaria centraliplumosa Rep769 (Los Sabinos, Mx)

129         Mammillaria chrysodactyla (M. spinosissima subsp. pilcayensis)

130         Mammillaria compacticaulis Rep1047 (Uruapán, Mich)

131         Mammillaria compressa (Rioverdensis form) MZ579

132         Mammillaria crucigera L065 (Teotitlán de Camino, Oax)

133         Mammillaria dioica form MH46

134         Mammillaria dixanthocentron var. rubrispina (Tomallín Canyon, Oax)

135         Mammillaria gilensis Rep1739

136         Mammillaria glassii (rayonensis) MK89.324

137         Mammillaria grusonii CSD238

138         Mammillaria heidiae L1154 (El Papayo, Pue)

139         Mammillaria louisae Rep250 (El Rosario, BC) (large-flowered)

140         Mammillaria mainiae L617 (Sonora)

141         Mammillaria nivosa (Antigua)

142         Mammillaria pygmaea Lau1300

143         Mammillaria uncinata CH613

144         Mammillaria wohlschlageri RS450 (Fresnillo, Zac)

145         Matucana formosa MG968.6

146         Mediolobivia haagei var. canacruzensis SE102 (Cuchu Ingenio, Bol)

147         Mediolobivia nazarenoensis WR484

148         Mediolobivia odehnalii JO414 (7km S Potosí, Bol)

149         Mediolobivia pygmaea var. iscayachensis SE64 (Abra de Sama, Bol)

150         Mediolobivia steinmannii var. christinae WR492A (Nazareno-Rodeo, Salta, Arg)

151         Mediolobivia gawazii WR493 (Tarija, Bol)

152         Melocactus bahiensis FR1281

153         Melocactus broadwayi AHB61

154         Neoporteria dimorpha

155         Neoporteria rupicola

156         Oroya    peruviana KK (Andahuilas, Peru)

157         Pyrrhocactus andreaeana LF016 (Questa Miranda, 1950m)

158         Pyrrhocactus bisii JS227 (San José de Jachal, Arg)

159         Pyrrhocactus dimorphus KK63 (Coquimbana, Chile)

160         Pyrrhocactus kattermannii JB34 (Famatina-Fiambalá, Arg)

161         Strombocactus pulcherrimus RS547 (Xichú Gta,)

162         Sulcorebutia albissima KK1567 (Mizque, Bol)

163         Sulcorebutia arenacea HS30 (Santa Rosa)

164         Sulcorebutia cupreata (Torotoro, Bol)

165         Sulcorebutia hertusii ssp. auricapillata LH893

166         Sulcorebutia muschii VS562 (NE Kami Coch)

167         Sulcorebutia purpurea HS115 (Cuesta de Santiago, Cochabamba, Bol, 2800m)

168         Sulcorebutia swobodae

169         Thelocactus conothelos var. macdowellii

170         Thelocactus heterochromus

171         Thelocactus hexaedrophorus subsp. jarmilae PP241 (Villa Juárez, SLP)

172         Thelocactus lausseri MZ1452 (Sierra de las Ovejas, Coah)

173         Thelocephala napina RS1466 (Huasco, Chile)

174         Trichocereus chiloensis

175         Trichocereus huascha RS2219 (Huallín, Arg)

176         Turbinicarpus alonsoi RS546 (Xichú)

177         Turbinicarpus lophophoroides RS622 (Villa Juárez, SLP)

178         Turbinicarpus schwarzii (Guadalcázar)

179         Weingartia jarmilae LH539

180         Wigginsia fricii KK135 Paso del Carro

181         Wigginsia pauciareolata DV38

182         Wigginsia stegmannii


183         Acacia caven BCHK1324

184         Acacia farnesiana, minima form KFF1139

185         Agave decipiens PSCA60

186         Agave scolymus (A. seemanniana)

187         Aloe pretoriensis

188         Aloinopsis malherbei

189         Aloinopsis orpenii

190         Aloinopsis rosulata

199         Antimima dualis

200         Antimima ventricosa

201         Argyroderma aureum

202         Argyroderma braunsii

203         Argyroderma fissum

204         Argyroderma octophyllum

205         Argyroderma subalbum

206         Avonia quinaria (mixed white and pink, not hybrids)

207         Cephalophyllum alstonii

208         Cephalophyllum cupreum

209         Cephalophyllum niveum

210         Cephalophyllum spongiosum

211         Cheiridopsis schlechteri

212         Cheiridopsis vanzylii

213         Conicosia pugioniformis

214         Dactylopsis digitata

215         Delosperma lavisiae

216         Delosperma sutherlandii

217         Dorotheanthus bellidiformis

218         Dorotheanthus gramineus

219         Dracaena draco

220         Drosanthemum floribundum

221         Drosanthemum marinum

222         Drosanthemum micans

223         Dyckia distachya TOM1969

224         Erepsia bracteata

225         Euphorbia canariensis

226         Faucaria paucidens

227         Faucaria woollii

228         Gasteria armstrongii

229         Gibbaeum haagei

230         Gibbaeum petrense

231         Gibbaeum velutinum

232         Lampranthus argenteus

233         Lampranthus macrocarpus

234         Lampranthus multiradiatus

235         Lapidaria margaretae

236         Lithops hookeri

237         Lithops dorotheae

238         Lithops fulleri

239         Lithops karasmontana

240         Lithops lesliei

241         Lithops salicola

242         Micropterum schlechteri

243         Nananthus aloides

244         Pleiospilos nelii

245         Pleiospilos simulans

246         Ruschia macrocarpa

247         Ruschia multiflora

248         Ruschia strubeniae

249         Semnanthe lacera

250         Sinningia warmingii

251         Talinum polygaloides

252         Talinum triangulare

253         Tylecodon singularis

254         Vanheerdea divergens


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